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Pinnacle of luxury and sophistication in interior design

Luxury Home Designz is a premier destination for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication in interior design. Specializing in creating breathtaking spaces with modern furniture pieces, our team of talented designers will transform your home into a masterpiece of elegance and style.

Learn more about our team of experienced interior designers who are passionate about creating luxurious and modern living environments that reflect your unique style and personality.

From residential to commercial ​projects, we transform visions into ​reality


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Embarking on Our Journey

Modern & Luxury Living Interior Design, founded by Breinna Francis is and Brittany Johnson in 2021, aims to redefine Luxury living by creating exceptional spaces with a focus on quality, innovation, and honesty.

Growing Experience

Luxury Home Designz is an innovative company with over 33 successful projects. They prioritize clients' needs, create functional spaces, and aim to enhance the modern meets luxury experience.

Why Choose Luxury Home Designz

Four reasons to choose us to make yout interior design ​dreams realize

Innovative ​Solutions

We thrive on pushing design ​boundaries, bringing innovation to ​every project.


Personalized ​Service

Your lifestyle, preferences, and ​aspirations guide our design ​process, ensuring a personalized ​touch.


modern Aesthetics

Our designs capture the essence of modern living, creating spaces that resonate with the individual’s spirit.


Collaborative ​Approach

We believe in collaborative design, ​where your input is valued ​throughout the creative journey.



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Stay updated on the latest trends in luxury and modern interior design with our blog, featuring tips, inspiration, and insights from our team of experts

Elevate Your Space: Top Trends in Luxury Interior Design for 2024

At Luxury Home Designz, we're always on the pulse of the latest trends in interior design, and 2024 promises to be a year of innovation and elegance.

Maximizing Space: Innovative Solutions for Small Luxury Interiors

Luxury knows no bounds, even in the most compact of spaces. At Luxury Home Designz, we understand the importance of maximizing space without compromising on style or sophistication. Whether you're living in a cozy urban apartment or a quaint countryside cottage, these innovative solutions will help you make the most of every square inch of your luxury interior

Timeless Elegance: Classic Elements in Modern Luxury Interior Design

At Luxury Home Designz, we understand that while trends come and go, timeless elegance never goes out of style. That's why we're highlighting the enduring allure of classic elements in modern luxury interior design.

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